Sacrifice or salvation?


“I transformed my own situation at the beginning of 2011. I recognised that as I teach companies about shifting attitudes and reducing negative tensions, and living and working with a healthy, wealthy mindset, I was actually living in the wrong place. Tensions were manifesting where I lived due to issues external to me in the building but that would affect my lifestyle and the people around me. How often in business does that happen to us yet we stay out and put up with negative tensions, getting more and more despondent. I am designing a more collaborative yet independent environment where I have control over me!

In my approach to developing my clients for their business success, I teach them how to value themselves, their contribution, both natural and acquired, and their choice to create the right behaviour and good practices for themselves and their team. For me, collaboration creates results, mixed with a good pinch of individual talent, a heaped spoon of awareness and energy for creativity – and behold magic starts and multiplies the bottom line. The culture of collaboration and wellness seeds creativity and trust – and so creates a potential new playing field for business sustainability and success to go hand in hand – and especially when men and women, of all generations and nationalities work together, much is possible.

I found in my own transformation journey, anything is possible. Let go and venture forward to seek new ways to live and work – and notice along the way who is playing, and how the playing field is laid out; welcome in diverse mind sets and set a path of shared intentions for grow and profit as well as service excellence. Acknowledge that what people bring as individuals, whether male, female, old, young; whether they focus more on logical or emotion, task or relationship, production or service; all are unique and different and their individual characteristics form great talent pools. Men and women have different natural life-skills sets, old and young bring different perspectives, different nationalities bring diverse experiences and cultural norms; the mix can be seen as rich and diverse, rather than conflicting and at odds. All people bring and receive a diverse range of contributions for overall success in any business – not merely in financial terms but in human valuation, appreciation and good will. Understanding and valuing our differences makes for a great mix depending our point of view!

My point of view is that the “same old same old” conversations get us nowhere. And we are NOW here to set about transformation for good.

For me personally, yes it’s been a tough exciting year so far, challenges at all corners, wonderful and inspiring new people in my life, old faces falling away, new friends arriving; possibilities and fears mixed with opportunities and healthy risks; and many magical conversations with both male and female friends and clients; and many new networks and associations that have heartened my resolve. The playing field is seeded, now I watch it grow.

I wonder if it is sacrifice for men or salvation for women as business evolves in the current climate?

A friend asked about the sacrifices I made (?) i.e. selling up, simplifying my life, letting everything go even my cat (she is fine and well housed) – but as I look at the energy, freedom, joy and resolve I have now on this journey, the beautiful place I live in and the new potential for me to give back to society – it’s not a sacrifice at all! Maybe salvation has nought to do with sacrifice, we let go of the past and the future arrives early!”