Monday morning – a space in time

What is it about Monday morning that can blossom or blight your week? As people commute into town, what thoughts and feelings do they hold? They say that it is the day for highest suicides. Now that’s not a pleasant statistic to wake up to. So why do we have to endure any Monday blues?

Of course we can change anything around in our mind, in our perception. Entrepreneurs and self made business people often have a different view of Mondays because they may have worked all weekend. In a 24/7 global business, days of the week become hours and minutes, working calls you in the middle of the night to catch a time differentiated market.

Mondays can become the glorious start of the traditional nature of weekdays. A space in time for us to say ‘wow, another new working week!

In the UK, we now are at the start of a 4 day working week, followed by a three day working week and then immediately another four day. Due to Bank Holidays and our royal wedding of Prince William and his beautiful bride Kate, we are blessed with three short weeks.

However surely the weeks and days are actually the same length and space as they ever, where time is merely altered by its usage. So time changes as we apply it. If we work all the days this week and the next, we feel thwarted to not be holidaying with everyone else. But not ever one is holidaying. Time doesn’t exist, it’s always what we make it.

What if every day, whether work or play or chores was always so motivating that we merely breezed a glance at time, woke with a light spirit and a happy heart? What bliss! “Pie in the sky”, I hear you cry! Well let’s get closer to the best use of time. Here are three principles that I have and hold:

• Know what gets you out of bed (any day) – be motivated by life itself , smile to yourself and check in on your own energy, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
• Do work that you love, with heartfelt commitment and passion in every moment (as whether in a temporary role, running your own shop or a long sought after career, every moment is precious)
• Be grateful for everything, even the tough parts of your day (after all this is the first day of the rest of your life), honour everyone in your day (even the naysayers and passing strangers) and write down your gratitude daily in a book kept safe by your bed.

In my own experience, especially when the skies are grey as they are this morning, I remind myself that if I were in a plane and above the clouds, all would be sparkling and blue. Me too!

“Monday, Monday, so good to me”

The perfect TIME is right now

Do we often try too hard to challenge TIME? And then wonder why we are not getting what we believe we deserve? We put TIME under pressure and the more we try, the less TIME we have. We want more, we want it now, we want to speed TIME up. Contrarily, when we don’t want to get old, we want TIME to slow down. The more TIME pressure we exert on ourselves everyday (getting frustrated because we think it’s caused by obstacles outside of us), do we blame the world for all those things that don’t turn up? Do we say there’s just not enough TIME in each day?

When I allow myself to feel that way and am impatient for instance that contracts are not turning up that I have pushed hard on, or emails are not being responded too fast enough, or meetings get pushed back when I have prepared for hours to present my case, who’s stopping the natural flow of time and effort merging into a seamless flow? It’s me.

Having transformed my whole existence in the first quarter of this year, unsticking that which was stuck i.e. my place of residence, my surroundings, my excess baggage, I am now experiencing a whole new view of TIME in my life through being in a different place.

I have allowed TIME to help me slow down and flow. I have made choices that underpin an inner realization that if I am not being my best, doing what I do best and feel honestly in tune with, then nothing will arrive on this path. This is what I teach my clients to value, so I needed to set my own life into the right TIME and motion.

It is when I slowed down to the natural speed of TIME that I saw things differently. I now notice what I had not seen before, and I sense the path beneath my feet, I feel more grounded, I love the breeze on my face, the rhythm of my physical movements as I rise every day, the spring in my walk across my bridge every morning, the ease of smiles with strangers on my journey.

I recognize a shifting sense of the new, still tempered with the past wisdom but fresh now with ideas, insights, patterns, words, and new definitions of potential and future gifts that I can share with my family, friends and clients as I create my successes and grow my desired outcomes.

We can’t argue with TIME (we get the same 24 hours each); we can mis-use it, we can abuse it, we can steal it from others by bad time management; we could nurture and value every moment and use wisely, honouring TIME in our world. Maybe assess TIME as a friend not an enemy, and see what comes to be.

To help us notice TIME in a new way:

T Thinking – use your whole brain; don’t be concerned about what you think; notice what you think; become an observer of your thoughts; know that not all your thoughts are useful; use those which feel good and positive, and let the others go…
I Intuition – sense equilibrium in the swirl of time around you; know that balance is personal, physical, mental, emotional; tune into that inner-sense and innocence within; listen; breathe; exhale as you go with the flow of the day…
M Motivation – be moved by the rhythm of your own body first; observe if you are flowing with others or against; try going with the flow of conversation around you; create energy in your flow like whirl pools in a river, watch for rocks (obstacles) and go around then easily (welcome the thrill!)
E Execution – act on TIME; be on TIME; allow TIME to inform rather than direct your day; we each have the same 24 hours to play with! (DO PLAY!!!)

If time seems evasive, observe why, let go, and thank TIME for helping you to recognize the moment. Stop and breathe. Apply TIME to your business, to your relationships, to your life, and watch the magic that emerges.