Communicating across every media!

Rather than going over past facts, such as why there aren’t enough women in the boardroom, and why markets are troubled by the recessional impacts of the last year, I believe we need to enter a phase of reflection and sensing, communication and conversations, without limitations.

Wise leaders question the world today in many different ways. These leaders come from younger generations as well as mature CEOs – at either end of the age spectrum – and they view the troubled world around us in new ways. These leaders know they need to engage and communicate in new ways with all those around them from their top teams through to their customers. All parties in the business chain add value and if we get the conversation right we can open up many new possibilities together.

This got me thinking about my recent conversations I have had this year with amazing leaders and change makers across different market sectors about how we might ‘reform’ our economy might require now. Does change need to be dramatic, rules bound and regardless of people? – or can it be reflective, sensitive and opportunistic, engaging people right across the business spectrum in energetic and exploring converstions? We need forward looking conversations rather than those of the past; driven by authentic desire to take account of every human diversity and business need. We need to regard people, men and women alike, as they are the fuel of the new economy!

I reckon we need a great stirring of wisdom into the mix!

When we mix wisdom into every conversation, and focus on higher world values, a good touch of conscious awareness and a renewed sense of human energy, I believe we will find new solutions that touch our core community needs.

Don’t let’s get stuck on old rules and restrictions. I wholeheartedly believe we can transcend all issues and focus everyone on a common agenda that can save the planet as well as our businesses. I suggest maybe by listening to the younger generations, men and women, we can find just the right ingredients that create magic!

Creating magical conversation involves a few ground rules; we need a safe yet inspiring space where everyone can share their truth, be listened to, contribute and create collaboratively. I sense we need to build community work cultures with an energetic nurturing atmosphere and inspiring environment, self and group awareness of all personalities involved, a clear intention set at an emotional level, and an openness for men to co-create a new world with women at senior levels as well as across all areas of business and life.

“Charles Darwin understood: “it is not the strongest that survive – but those most responsive to change.”

I aim to host many different types of magical conversations in 2010 that inspire everyone to really look at the serious factors of business, wellbeing and life coming together. I recognise we need to understand technology within these conversation styles as there are now so many ways to connect face to face!

In this new digital age, with social media and with amazing new technology such as Video Conferencing, Webinars and Tele Presence, I see the way forward is to bring back to the true human interface and personal skills we need to communicate through all medias. We need a personal context across business that understands human emotions and seeks to build truly healthy relationships and communities of trust. Whether at the end of the email, screen or teleconference, social and business communication needs the human touch of conversations.

Little things count in conversations. Great eye to eye contact never dates as far as I can see!! Great human inter-connections grow faster over the airwaves with love, for the heart knows where the authentic truth lies! The more we communicate well, with heartfelt care – whatever the media – the faster we can co-create a world that takes response ability for people, profit and the planet at the same time!

In 2010, I intend to create many magical conversations with people who are wise and forward thinking, I invite you personally to take part in these conversations with me!