Dreams into reality Part 2 of 3 I need your help!


This time last year I was visiting Kew Gardens and noticed the amazing vitality of Spring Blossom – we need that regrowth now in the UK, where has it all gone?

“The world of work is changing rapidly, women in business are here to stay, demand is for women at the top, markets are more service orientated, consumers are more female, the business world is structured and rule bound for men by men, women want families and career… and to be treated equally! We want it all and get unjustifiably angry and frustrated when needs are not met.

I believe the current scenario is stuck. Both men and women are looking through old lenses that are cloudy and grey. The lenses are different for men and for women, yet we have no knowing of how we see each other of indeed ourselves. We need to release the old in order to allow the new to emerge. Both men and women need to get out of their own way in order to realise fully the natural potential they could hold and embrace together!

It’s time to seed a new playing field, hold new transformation conversations, and take away the constraints that are killing us all, before we see the true gifts of our naturally talented female players…. working brilliantly alongside a now growing band of wise men, who know there is a new way ahead.”

Over the last two and a bit years since the recession cut into our lives and we experienced the ups and down of an unstable economy, our lifestyles have been attacked. What I realize stronger and stronger, and was totally empowered to think and feel about last weekend, that we are all going round the same old “same old” conversations; none can win while we focus on what has been.

We are planning to fail. By failing to plan. And the plan is just not working for the majority.

So Part 2 of my plans is to re-seed the playing field of business relationships…

I have a plan and yet it is nothing without the conversation of the players, brought with no lenses to see with new eyes that which is starring us in the face. The new playing field is simply a NEW PLAYING FIELD… we need to bring to the table ourselves, women and men of all types, different generations, diverse mind sets, creeds and communities, singles, parents, partners, married couples, of all sexual observations, and all abilities.

The plan is simple yet hugely complex and relies on our willingness to open our minds, hearts and will, to design anew. Instead of a square or oblong pitch, with goals at either end, rules of the game and scoring definitions of success; it maybe a hexagonal with rounded corners, where rules of flexibility and collaboration guide our principles and ensuring happiness is a stakeholder as well as profit, and transparent CSR and “giving back” are standards. The natural life cycle needs of women, the lifelong learning needed for all, the requirements of both financial and fulfillment stakes to be accounted for and the integration of business and social care can be factored in.

My Part 2 is to avail myself to be the guardian of the conversation, to bring the stories of good practice into the open space between us all.

My continuing plan – Part 2 – needs your support:

A. To video interview movers and shakers – women and men who truly see a new playing field arising, whether in corporate, political or entrepreneurial fields
B. To set up a website to launch the insights gathered – and create a montage of ‘conversation bites’ for everyone to watch and comment on, so building the conversation in pieces
C. To be MC (Master of Ceremony) for influential debates, conferences, activities where thought leaders are sharing their work and their vision (as happened last Saturday at Women on Fire)

So I am looking for;
1. Pioneering and thought provoking interview possibilities with prominent men and women
2. Technology support on social media to ensure I spread the insights far and wide
3. References to conference activists in both corporate and entrepreneurial arenas, who are looking for a host who can create a flowing theme and ensure their audience is captivated!

And my commitment is to spread the word for those of you who are driving new possibilities on economic, legal, environmental or social fronts…. I will help you to be heard and seen!

Together makes sense to me! Please let me know if you agree!!