We have a dream….

Martin Luther King’s famous words “I have a dream…” came to mind yesterday at the Women on Fire conference, when a few hundred women and a handful of mindful men gathered in the majestic beauty of Central Hall, Westminster.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “the future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams”

I do so believe in the power of my dreams and yesterday this was multipied100 fold with a whole audience of amazing women. Let me tell you more.

I experienced the fire of women come alive through this wonderful day; I heard their stories, trials and tribulations, victories and wisdom shared in an amazing uplifting energy to bring their dreams alive. The collective dream of those women gathered shines a new ray of hope and possibility, of aligning with Mother Earth with our female wisdom to seed new generations of healthy children, to support the underdog, to create new rules through current systems yet with a female vision of creative collaboration and great integrity; we seek the justice and care for all, as all deserve so because they are human beings; to defuse the power politics of the minority who hold all the wealth and power and deal with rough justice and not fairness; to spread kindness across all peoples, all communities, all nations.

Our dream is that women are heard, clearly, loudly, with due care and attention, and that we voice our truths in ways that men will hear and all women will grace with honor and pride. Our dream is that collectively and singularly we reach our pure and natural potential to bring harmony and goodwill into everyday existence, to be practical in our co-parenting and joint decision makers in world affairs, in corporate life, in our workplaces, homes and playgrounds. Women coming together, bringing fire from the source of Mother Earth into our bodies, hearts and minds, into our spirit, into our dreams “we too have a dream…” and we will be heard now!

In all of this, “I pledge my dream to help co-create a world where men and women truly understand each other, recognize and respect our natural contributions to life and business and society, and value our different attributes; a world where we truly have a partnership style not born of the past but of the future potential to truly be equal in the co-creation of our world; truly listening, observing, trusting and collaborating with each other on a new blueprint for life.

I have a dream that we can create life where there are no abusive relationships, no tortured families, no bullied schoolchildren or harassed employees; no wars, no crime and no damaging behaviour; a world where women are honoured and men are loving, where women value their natural female beauty and nurturing energy alongside their strength and courage; and men value their natural lead yet know their potential to embrace emotions – both dancing together in a natural alignment and flow.”

I commit to the happening of my dream – that all women’s voices will be heard and valued – that all will shine their natural value in honour of Mother Earth, to understand that we too take responsibility alongside men for the damaged world we live in our current daily existence; whether economically or socially challenged, whether in dangerous territory, or in civilized lands, women have not stood truly together to have one voice heard by men.

Sisters, we have no time to argue or condamn, to moan or complain; we must work fast to save our endangered world, our dimished family units, our rising crime rates and wars around the world killing our young men. Women have a vital role, a life giving nurturing role and together we can make the difference.

I declare my dream to bring collaborative between all parties, men and women, generations, communities, nations and religions; enabling all to come to the table, to the campfire, to the light; to engage in magical conversations. I declare my passion to educate young and old in the natural differences we bring to that conversation; to use my full skills and expertise to spread knowledge for all to learn; to teach people how to engaged in conversations that enhance their life and everyone elses; to help people transform their negative assumptions, release constraints and live a full and meaningfull life; to participate fully in the fire of love and compassion that can heal our world; and to seek through these conversations to achieve a new way to live together with respect and integrity.

How do I plan to do this ; with your engagement, your support, your contributions; through shared spaces, declared intentions, shared stories, shared knowledge; through bringing people’s great stories into public gaze, honestly and with truth and conviction; to do so through media, TV, internet, interviewing wise and courageous women and men who are stepping up to be the pioneers of our world transformation.

Many of these pioneers were at Women on Fire, both on stage and in the audience; this is the great beginning, Thank you Judith, thank you Lucia, without you and all your helpers this wouldn’t have happened, I am so blessed to know you and all there to be on this journey together, here’s to meeting again very soon and stoking up the fire!

Perfect timing

Have you had that day, that perfect day, when everything happens in perfect timings? You arise on time, feel fabulous, and you imagine your day ahead perfectly, even plan for the unexpected to be perfectly timed with a response you’ll sail through. This is not to control the day ahead but to allow its perfection to be timely because you set the pace. My beautiful cat Daisy, knows how to set the pace. She is 21 years old and is always in perfect timing with her day!

“Never be a slave to time but make it your servant. You have to make up your mind what you want to do and then go ahead and do it; and you will find that you have the time to do it perfectly“ says Elieen Caddy, from Opening Doors Within.

Try it – You set intentions for parking spaces, seats together on trains, conversations to be sparkling and tuned; you meet people you want to meet, even unexpected strangers flow into your day. Even the right thoughts and ideas arise at the perfect time. The sun shines on you even through cloudy skies as you flow through your day.

I can hear you naysayers muttering – “but I have days when perfect timing goes out the door, I am late, I am hassled, I don’t get my work done’ other people don’t do what they should, the world is against me…” And you develop the perfect conspiracy theory to confirm to yourself that it’s not your fault. You sleep fitfully but uncertainly happy that it wasn’t you!

Now take stock of your own perfect timing philosophy.

Since arriving in my new place this year, my place of unstuckness – I have placed an intention into my life that everything is designed to be perfect timing. What I mean by this is: my ‘perfect timing’ is an integral belief within ‘my game of life’ so even the nasty unexpected happening is ‘happening’ in perfect timing .i.e. is meant to be happening. Contrary thinking you may think! It works like this.

Everything in my life is perfectly designed to happen this way and indeed that has been true of ALL that has happened in my life to date (and will happen in the future).

My freedom to have perfect timing is as a result of my setting it as my intention and philosophy and as I take responsibility for my time and all the thoughts, feeling and actions in my life.

I accept that the perfect life is in each moment of being, that the value of being in that moment runs my clock of perfect timing.

And magically, it works, even when I am running late, I take responsibility, even if the tubes are running late, I own my relationship with that journey of time, and inform my being-ness that this moment is always perfect in its infinite capacity to be a choice I make to be.

In this state of knowing that each moment is perfectly designed for me to manage, cope with, deal with, feel into, react to; I give me permission to experience all emotions in real time, happiness, sadness, joy, frustration, love or fear, this is my life, my timing, my time… and it’s perfect, just the way it is.

In this state of perfect timing, today is the perfect time to write this!

Intentions for a magical day

How do you make intentions for a magical day? You just take a step back, go inside, see what day you want and set an intention to enjoy the ripples. If you write it down it’s even more powerful and surround the words with love and smiles and go on your path, and notice what happens!

Yesterday I set out with such great joy (which has been increasing everyday along with my blog readership – thanks everyone!) and heart-felt intention for whatever ‘needs to occur’ to occur. I set my intention to trust the day would achieve results even though I don’t know what these will be, and for me to embrace, learn, observe, contribute, laugh, cry, be appreciative of everyone and every word exchanged, trust and relax.

This aligns with my bigger intention to transition my life into full and absolute acceptance, service and participation at the highest level. Since I changed my home, surroundings, in deed everything I had known before March 18th, my days have added richness to every part of my life.

I have let go of focusing on money, stopped worrying about how the future will arrive, freed myself of many bills, overload and pressure, and know I am in the right place to lift off. My passionate intention is to be useful in the cause of spreading happiness, teaching people to be their best,to be wise and strong, compassionate and truly passionate in what ever they do. I have a vision for a future collaborative society and a world where injustices can be reduced and eliminated one by one, many by many.

My dream is to be a host, an interviewer par excellence, drawing out wise people’s stories, chairing magical conversations that debate and bring diverse minds together, facilitating motivation and inspirational sessions for all ages, being part of that ripple of kindness and love that will change our world.

Over the last two weeks I have done things I had set intentions for only weeks ago – to teach kids in school how to be aware, to join the cause to educate kids against dangerous drugs, to re-start writing for my book again, to find a mentor to help me, to live in a beautiful home with fabulous women, to meet new friends who will be on my journey with me….

……..and so much more comes soon.

A few years back I wrote my ‘obituary’ (and maybe I will share that another time), it’s a great exercise in ‘intention-setting’ against the future legacy you would like to leave – I decided to pass on at 101 years (some few decades yet to go) as a fun number and I wrote down the kind of world I would like to leave for my kids and grand-kids and the part I had played.

Some how over the next few decades I had actually helped to transform the education system with a school cirricula called SMILE – which embraced 5 lessons, Sound (singing, words, voice) Movement (body posture, dance, fitness) Inspiration (imagination, motivation, creativity) Laughter (comedy, performance, storytelling) Enterprise (entrepreneurship, commerce, business acumen)… and with these embedded in everyday growth, kids grew wise and responsible and able to smile genuinely – creating joyful ways to collaborate and build a far better aware sustainable joyful world. .

That is my intention – written 4 years ago, and already I am drawn into a desire to teach kids and am starting to see it happen for me. Yesterday that journey’s intention came a wee closer. So very exciting.

Try it. Set small intentions first, see them manifest – then go for the big one, the life vision, its stunning.