Business, relationships, sex and snow!

A new era of conversations is required – it’s not about men versus women or the survival of the fittest but “survival for all, abundantly” working together to create magic.

It’s been a hugely transformational 2011 that has led us all to this year, and the bad stories have not gone away in 2012! Where are we going? The New Year of the Dragon sky tells a story of fire and fun maybe?

Major financial issues attack us on every news report, EU confusion and mayhem, top men tumble and top women get isolated from the marzipan layer of females who just haven’t risen to the top yet, social unrest rides high in youth communities, vulnerable women and children grow greater in numbers, as do prison inmates; education is under the critical spotlight, students rebel or just stop going to university, the NHS crumbles more, the Government is challenged at home and abroad; hacking, benefits scandals and unemployment figures rise. BUSINESS is sticky. We’re still having the “same old same old conversations” and nothing gets better. I have friends who just don’t watch the news at all!

Then SNOW came this last weekend brought a kind of strange release from such matters and a crisis once more brought people together, everyone helping sliding cars to stay on the road and people get home even after hours in freezing conditions. Today the snow has gone from my street and the world looks pretty much the same.

Why is it we see the magic of human kindness only in crisis?

With many like minded enlightened circles of friends and mentors, I see the requirement for people is to collaborate, to share resources and to realize there is a different blueprint required. Collaborative living and working, full of conversations about collective consciousness and practical application come to the fore for me. A wonderful balance of the material and the esoteric, task and relationship, operation and service. We need both men and women to be responsible co-parents if we are to survive and thrive as a society and a sustainable economy. These thoughts impact the way I see ‘business and life’ merging and coming together as there is no longer a defined separation in that relationship. This merger has come mainly through the influx and growth of women wanting careers, business recognizing markets are changing, consumers being more feminine and men recognizing business is about RELATIONSHIPS and service; entrepreneurism is growing at a rate of knots, and philanthropy and social responsibility are key to our overall fulfillment and meaning of life. Our old paradigm economic foundations are now shaking in the very concrete pillars of our once stable male world and many struggle with leaping into a new paradigm of the unknown.

Is this a battle or a game? Maybe SEX does get in the way?

It sounds like I’m full of doom and gloom, however I am very positive and incredibly excited about this year – the crisis of collapse will shake us all together at last? Men and women will maybe own their true authentic nature, SEX will play a part and we will all have to do things different whether we like it or not. We’re all humans, we have needs and that surely our passion for life itself is the main force of renewal and hope?

It’s now time to take on board a serious paradigm shift for 2012

It’s now time to get serious about new ways of working, living, connecting, sharing, and survival for all. The old ethos was ‘the survival of the fittest’ and in that paradigm we shall no doubt continue to experience battling between the sexes both on a business and political stage but also in the streets of our towns and in our own backyards. If we shift our thinking to ‘survival for all, abundantly’ we grow hope and prosperity of mind, body and soul. However we need trust in all we do and each other. We need to open up trusted conversations, let our egos go to the wall and enter a circle of human value as key to renewal. I do believe indeed we have all the resources we need right here, right now and, with care, men and women can co-create a much healthier wiser world that will emerge through coming together in magical conversations.

I do believe the way we unpack the conundrum about women rising further in business, and maintaining their natural female attributes to co-create with men at the top…. is to get the men talking! I am convinced that women will never make the top in greater numbers unless men have a mind-shift change that allows them ownership of a new blueprint to do business in ways that will suit women.

Do read our latest research on MEN it shows that men really do want things to be different but don’t know how to hold the conversation. Call us now to learn more or go for our programmes for men.

MEN ONLY PROGRAMME for men who want to learn to be more aware of how they manage everyone – this would embrace gender aspects, communication barriers, relationship mastery, dialogue and professional presence among a range of topics, allowing men an opportunity to own the conversation in a closed male group, guided by our experts.

“Women on Board” – who’s really blocking progress – men or women?

There is a huge gapping hole between past and future. Business still struggles to make sense of the changes required and the focus on “Women on Board” highlighted once more by Cameron through Lord Davies’ reporting on numbers of women rising to the top, yet again showing slow progress and many major organisations resisting the call.

Business is confused, and in many places, stagnant where women are concerned; while in some arenas, business thrusts ahead without substantial impact coming from women. Why still little change at the top, and at all levels? Why still no significant flood of females stepping into major numbers at the top and succession plans to the boardrooms of the UK?

I believe we are stuck because we still have the “same old ‘same old’ conversations” about the players and not the playing field. Specifically, I fear that that many women’s initiatives and achievements have alienated men and pushed them to a corner. My challenge to women is to keep on forging ahead with more positive success stories and prominent acts of female judgement and achievements; while remembering to include and educate men into meaningful (realistic and practical) conversations that create useful inclusive collaboration; and aiding the co-creation of a new blueprint for success and a language that feeds business performance (measured in service and profits) and society (measured in health and wellbeing).

While not wanting men or women to sacrifice any advantages gained over the last 6 decades, I truly do not see why women need lose touch with their emotional savvy, intellectual mastery and their loving female power in relationship energy. When this is mixed with a strong operational task focused male energy, the mix is more successful. “The future of business is emotion” says Patrick Dixon, Futurist. “We need masculine and feminine contributions to collaboration that ensure that the rise of women integrates with the best of men”.

I do not believe, as is often written, that women are the only salvation of the economic crisis – although I do know that women can bring huge value and highly intelligent commercial input to the economy with their ability to integrate emotional intelligence into monetary value, service and wealth. However I am concerned that this is not attained at any price that robs us of our female natural wisdom. If women can stand firm on all that is good for the heart and soul of business as well as minds and bodies, especially in an era where markets demands the best service. I believe this will fuel a passion for a more meaningful wide view of ‘wealth’ – that of authentic health and wellbeing, wide spread growth in family and community value, a ‘better life’ as well as a more sustainable economic environment for all.

However immediately we do need to see what is happening for MEN. They are not included in the conversation unless focused on women. What is happening for them? In a recent survey carried out by Corporate Heart earlier this year; some insights emerged;

Looking at the gap between what men think ‘most men’ agree on, and their own personal view, we uncover:

The “unspoken conversation” 83% see themselves as ‘relationship focused’ leaders rather than ‘tough guys’.

A desire for change 60% said they would like work to be different yet continue to work in the same old way.

Actions differ under pressure 50% on average, behave as “tough guys” yet hide their true emotions to get the job done!

These highlights and the comments and insights in the full report show us that men are shifting their views however not talking about it with other men. Possible shy of our PC world, men don’t know how that conversation should be structured. In working with groups of men now, we find a huge change in their mindsets occurs once the new blueprint is explored. It gives them a framework to see the whole picture as men and women integrate their talents at work together.

My intention is to support men and women – and in particular for women across the world to get talking WITH men (not against them) with a WISE mind set, a REALISTIC yet loving manner, an INCLUSIVE collaboration, AUTHENTIC female dialogue and PRACTICAL result. Vice versa, my current work is developing MEN so they can open up meaningful dialogue WITH women so that work-life is more successful for both sides.

Rather than playing the ‘male’ game of the last century and endangering our female species, I urge women to honour our collective gift of “soft power” and our diverse talents of service, collaboration, ingenuity, organisation, multi-tasking, innovation and entrepreneurial creativity.

My greatest fear is observing the growing changes over generations of women who are being moulded into hybrid models of ‘male behaviour’ unnaturally rather than using their natural masculine mindset appropriately alongside their feminine life perspective and female biological drivers. Women can be and are great business leaders and wealthy and yet still value their natural role as women who care, love and nurture our world, grow future generations, and be mindful of our environment and its future sustainability. Men are biologically primarily designed to be tough, warriors, competitors, providers; their natural testosterone drives that energy to go out, provide and hunt – and over the last century to build wealth in material form; they too seek to grow a world fit for their children and many want to nurture and grow into their family role in an equal role. However still many men don’t and aren’t necessarily as suited to stay home as women.

Can the two sides get together to forge a new conversation?

This is the conversation I desire to develop along with a new ‘gender dynamic’ blueprint where ‘building profit’ takes on a wider ‘wealth’ meaning aligned to emotional ‘life’ requirements. This is a conversation to forge a truly global collaboration that safeguards our threatened world; and to evolve a truly authentic socially responsible, sustainable future without losing the financial buoyancy we need to revive our economic stability.

Sacrifice or salvation?


“I transformed my own situation at the beginning of 2011. I recognised that as I teach companies about shifting attitudes and reducing negative tensions, and living and working with a healthy, wealthy mindset, I was actually living in the wrong place. Tensions were manifesting where I lived due to issues external to me in the building but that would affect my lifestyle and the people around me. How often in business does that happen to us yet we stay out and put up with negative tensions, getting more and more despondent. I am designing a more collaborative yet independent environment where I have control over me!

In my approach to developing my clients for their business success, I teach them how to value themselves, their contribution, both natural and acquired, and their choice to create the right behaviour and good practices for themselves and their team. For me, collaboration creates results, mixed with a good pinch of individual talent, a heaped spoon of awareness and energy for creativity – and behold magic starts and multiplies the bottom line. The culture of collaboration and wellness seeds creativity and trust – and so creates a potential new playing field for business sustainability and success to go hand in hand – and especially when men and women, of all generations and nationalities work together, much is possible.

I found in my own transformation journey, anything is possible. Let go and venture forward to seek new ways to live and work – and notice along the way who is playing, and how the playing field is laid out; welcome in diverse mind sets and set a path of shared intentions for grow and profit as well as service excellence. Acknowledge that what people bring as individuals, whether male, female, old, young; whether they focus more on logical or emotion, task or relationship, production or service; all are unique and different and their individual characteristics form great talent pools. Men and women have different natural life-skills sets, old and young bring different perspectives, different nationalities bring diverse experiences and cultural norms; the mix can be seen as rich and diverse, rather than conflicting and at odds. All people bring and receive a diverse range of contributions for overall success in any business – not merely in financial terms but in human valuation, appreciation and good will. Understanding and valuing our differences makes for a great mix depending our point of view!

My point of view is that the “same old same old” conversations get us nowhere. And we are NOW here to set about transformation for good.

For me personally, yes it’s been a tough exciting year so far, challenges at all corners, wonderful and inspiring new people in my life, old faces falling away, new friends arriving; possibilities and fears mixed with opportunities and healthy risks; and many magical conversations with both male and female friends and clients; and many new networks and associations that have heartened my resolve. The playing field is seeded, now I watch it grow.

I wonder if it is sacrifice for men or salvation for women as business evolves in the current climate?

A friend asked about the sacrifices I made (?) i.e. selling up, simplifying my life, letting everything go even my cat (she is fine and well housed) – but as I look at the energy, freedom, joy and resolve I have now on this journey, the beautiful place I live in and the new potential for me to give back to society – it’s not a sacrifice at all! Maybe salvation has nought to do with sacrifice, we let go of the past and the future arrives early!”

A Tale of two Cities…and one Future

One city is built on the square mile principle; every inch measurable and maximized for the owners, each square inch is sold and resold, marked up, traded down; every skyscraper fields a magnificent view yet many streets are cold from the deep shadows the towers make. The inner city is paved with gold and has a labyrinth of tunnel journeys and caves connected by long corridors, lift shafts and stairs.

This city is inhabited by Bears.

The other city is designed by a life-giving community, with open landscape, cozy rooms, and play stations for the younger members to learn and flourish, nesting nooks for conversations, space for innovation and creativity coffee breaks; there are support systems that barter resources and reduce waste. The inner city is a mesh of inter-connected live wires and tree top nests.

This city is inhabited by Birds.

The Bears and the Birds are all creatures of the earth that live and breathe the same air, drink the same water, eat the same resources; however they live in different ways, they have different biological needs, although often similar aspirations and dreams for their future.

Their challenge is to understand each other as the two cities stand side by side, growing intertwined ever more over the last decades where viral changes and ways of working have become blended in style. They know their world is changing and surrounding market boundaries are collapsing, evolving, and revolving in ever decreasing circles and natural disasters attack the very land they live on. They face a world-in-crisis and obstacles that threatened to undermine life as known previously.

The Bears prowl their city, some are gruff and dangerous; some are strong and proud of their mighty presence; others are cub Bears who are learning from their elders; some are afraid of their own shadows and yet many teddy Bears, warm and cuddly, keen to protect and nurture their young.

The Birds are very variable, plumes of many colored feathers, bodies of different sizes and wing spans; big and small, wild and tame; some fly in formation, others live as family units, others fight their own battles, while many twitter happily over the garden wall. They all sing beautiful and creative songs. However once damaged or caught on the ground or attacked by Bears, they are terrified of losing a limb, a wing, or a feather.

Some Birds are terrifying even to the Bears; they swop and soar; they prey on the most vulnerable; the cub Bear often heads for the caves when he sees a Bird coming! However most Birds sing from their hearts and are the evening song, the sweet sound on the airwaves of life as they fly from work to home; they flow with the winds, and dive for worms to feed their offspring.

Nowadays Birds go to the City of Bears regularly for their daily work, seeking bigger worms and prospects for their life’s survival. It’s tough going for the Birds as the Bears are so big and strong and have built their city to be the powerhouse that generates wealth and provides resources for everyone’s cave and nest. In the big world outside, it is often a perilous journey for the Birds, as they swoop and perch on the higher levels of the skyscrapers, looking for safe habitats and life-saving perches.

Many Bears don’t want the Birds to get into their work caves and high-rise ownership stakes; however the Birds are agreed that they are here to stay, and growing in numbers every year. They know that for the survival of their species, Birds and Bears, the only way forward is together. They long to bring their birdsong to be truly valued and honored by the Bears, as an intrinsic part of a fulfilled and successful life. They value the Bears for their strength and tenacity, and their ability to bring in the major provisions; they also love the adoration the Bears give them as Birds when they are at home in their own city.

Now that the Birds have discovered the city that the Bears have created, they want a piece of the worm pie. They know they can add new ingredients – natural skills, more emotional relationships, different expert knowledge to that which the Bears have. They know they can deliver much of what the Bears offer yet with a nurturing spirit that maintains a healthy lifestyle alongside the tradition success that Bears seek in pots of golden honey. Yet given all that the Birds bring, the gateways to the high skyscrapers often have difficult and closed combination locks to bar their way.

Singing a new song

The Birds stridently continue to sing their beautiful songs, lyrics that bring many tears of happiness and joy; others that tell of fears and frustration; many written to bring tunes of harmony and cords of perfection to a noisy chaotic world. The Birds want to bring this new harmonic to the service repertoire for all but often the Bears don’t understand these songs and when they try to sing along, their deep voices threaten the very nature of the Bird song. The Bears love their ‘pow-wow’ warrior games, and ganging up to play sport together, munching happily on wood bark and accumulating their bank of red berries and golden honey.

Probably to an alien visiting these cities, the Bears and the Birds might seem at odds with each other for there is a fatal attraction between them; Bears and Birds love each other, and when the attraction flourishes, they form families and are partners of the new generation of Birds and Bears, and can find true happiness in each other’s arms.

However there is trouble brewing…

The Bird songs are disturbed, the Bears sense danger afoot. There are rumblings far and wide and getting closer. What will happen next as the Bears and the Birds realize the mutual threats attacking both cities? Will the Bears listen to the Bird’s plan to work and live together; will they ever see eye to eye, beak to beak, bear pad to bear pad? The tale continues….

The abdication of responsibility

Why does anyone abuse another or themselves? Surely if we each took full responsibility for our thoughts, actions and reactions, we might easily resolve even the seemingly irresolvable relationship breakdowns, the possibility of feeling abused and so reduce the seedbed of negative attitudes on which traumatic damaging abuse could grow.

Whether in anger over a love breakup, a bullying dispute at work, a deeply entrenched violent relationship or merely a bickering home argument, our negative attitude to others and our self is selfish and abdicates the responsibility we are gifted at birth; the valuable gift of human life. Even in pain or sorrow, we can take a soul decision to be responsible for how we receive that challenge.

I believe we all can be far more responsible and therefore accountable today for the collective verbal abuse, sorrow, and unjustifiable human pollution of violence that infects our natural world with inhumane behaviour. We can each take personal responsibility for all we think, feel and act out in our life from the smallest action, we can spread joy rather than anguish; a smile to a stranger, a word of praise to our family, an attitude of gratitude whatever happens, a mediation style of leadership, conversations that include our differences.

I pondered over how we might transform our world to one of love rather than fear, one of contribution rather than isolation, one of sharing rather greed.

In many ways we have made it easy to abdicate responsibility. “It’s not my fault, they are to blame” we say to ourselves. “It’s not my issue, I can’t change the world, too many people, and it’s not to do with what I do!” We play small and abdicate consistently that which is in our power; to love and be loved, to express with perfect voice, with understanding, with grace, with trust and ask for what we need with respect for all around us and far away.

Is your life now full of easy ways to abdicate responsibility? We blame others; blame our childhood, our bosses, our debts, our lack of money, our politicians? Do we abdicate when we find easy ways out of our major responsibilities such as parenting and education of our next generations? I see often parents abdicating responsibility unconsciously and consciously when we stick our kids in front of the TV, computer or offer self service upbringings; when we get addicted to alcohol or drugs; when we ignore the potential abuse that may be happening under our noses, down our street, in our neighbourhood?

I know teachers who do not go the extra emotional mile with their pupils because of paper work and exam quotas even when they know the children need more of their attention; I know bosses who regular undermine their colleagues and juniors who disrespect their elders; we know there is a spiral of domestic violence, child abuse and substance misuse in our communities; we live in time where men and women continue to perpetrate crime and disorder in our so called ‘civilized society’, yet we abdicate helping because we don’t see these things happening to us personally. Women allow other women to be marginalized and brutalized around the world and we don’t rush to their side. Men allow other men to continue wars and major violence and crime and don’t get together to say “peace is the best option”

Many people wish they could win the lottery to make their lives better or grab at high salaries and bonuses when others are starving – in the belief that money is the only way to survive the devastation that currently faces many people financially and emotionally and health wise. It just doesn’t work that way … money will not solve broken attitudes or fear based living. It won’t solve climate challenges, natural disasters or rising mental illness. We have some major issues to take responsibility for today and we all have a part in our future together.

Once we choose responsibility for ourselves – often seen by many as burden – we find that it is actually a joy and gives us a reciprocal energy and willingness to serve, to love, to nurture, to grow happy relationships, to be a good guest, a wise friend, a helpful resource; to share, to care, to be kind. Personal responsibility is the first step to collective responsibility. we each make a difference.

If we all made that choice right now, I believe we can reduce and eventually eliminate abuse and spread joy around the world, one person at a time. I take responsibility right here right now for the rest of my life to do whatever it takes to bring about a loving, sharing, caring world. I don’t know yet how I will do that, however I do know if we each set a similar intention right here, right now, our intentional thoughts will show us the way.

Will you join me?

Compassion as a business necessity

Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival. -The Dalai Lama

I was really struck by this quote and started to muse on why people in business are still not valuing their natural ability be ‘compassionate’ for each other in the workplace. Is it because it is deemed too emotional in its purest form to add value in monetary terms and therefore can’t be added to the ledger?

Yet compassion for me is the most valuable measure of business when seen in good leadership, a trusting workforce culture, and healthy retention of clients and customers. It is a natural way forward to preserve good health and vitality of our employees – and is core energy for getting on with everyone. I am talking here of a true compassion, as the Dalai Lama talks of, which embraces daily love, supports fairness, trust, respect and care for every man and woman.

Yet I am often told, you can’t talk like this in business, you have to talk about hard tangible benefits. Tough times need tough measures.

I disagree. This is exactly the time to turn around your life and your business, right from top to bottom, with love and compassion. Own it, be it, see the results. CEOs and top Boards are now seeing the growth of a strong female economy, changing requirements of women and men to be on par, accepted on their natural merits, each doing what they do best – together with compassion and not judgment.

How do you cope with adversity and chaos in today’s tricky economic climate? People too often blame others when the key to unlock is within. In hard measurable terms, if we don’t unlock this key, then we suffer, relationships suffer and business success goes out of the window.

I believe in our natural endless capacity to love and feel compassion for each other and that as a human race we have the ability and the desire to seek new ways and create a buoyant, abundant, collaborative world were all count, all add their own unique value, everyone counts. I know in my deepest essence that I am part of a whole existence that covers not just this day, but all the past and future that is. I share the responsibility for our world and see the natural energy of co-creation with us.

Working with men and women in diverse arenas, generations and situations, I see men and women holding the two halves of a whole solution, yet not creating a new blueprint together. Is it that, stuck as we are in an old pattern that does not serve us any more, we stubbornly refuse to believe that there is another way – the men stay tough and resistant to change, focused on targets, survival, power and profit; the women too often opt out of their feminine softness and take on the mantle of business the tough way. Neither side needs to stay fixed and rooted in either. I am encouraged by the ground swell of women today wanting to be in business and the news that the ‘female economy’ is being noticed by men when it comes to wealth managers and the growing wealth of women across the world. However we still haven’t got to grips with the bigger conversation that can embrace all women, their needs, all men and their needs, and most importantly the needs of a fragile changing world. Economies are constrained by overspend and cutbacks and we are told that we’re in for a period of austerity in the tabloid press. Women can make a difference to the future by stretching the new playing field into the natural domain of female needs rather than playing hard ball in a man’s world.

I believe there is a new magic we can bring to our collective conversations which honours our core strengths as men and women and allows for new energy of female growth to come into business as a whole. If we only calculate success of women by their wealth capability, we may ignore the contributions of those women who excel in other non-profit ways. We can ensure a more balanced ownership of true wealth to emerge easily when we add compassion to business and seek equity and fairness within every conversation. I know this will increase the profitline of the whole business and ensure everyone has a healthy life. Healthy, wealthy and wise may be a simple combination worth remembering.

My contribution is to teach people to step in the space they need to deliver their best. I help them to value their inner wisdom, and to be able to join every conversation with compassion.

I host “Magical Conversations” with invited groups of senior men and women to explore how to step into that natural space and be themselves, truly happy, to add loving energy to human business. My own life purpose is to bring harmony, collaboration and serious intention to merge life and business together, and to establish a simpler, more effective way to connect to likeminded people for greater success. I set up these conversations up to set a new pace for life for me and for my clients; a pace to think with my heart and to embrace a new truth about how I/we can co-create a wonderful new business plan for living and work merged together.

As in many mergers, we need to be aware of people’s needs, of bringing together differing cultures together. In the merger of men and women we still haven’t fully understood the natural value of our differences and how beneficial we are to each other. We need to explore how to dissolve all the confusion which goes with old thinking rather than new feelings and demystify the ‘gender code’ about stereotypes, barriers, egos and pre-conceptions. Let’s begin again with the best of the past and an open consideration for the future, and build a new blueprint for business that embraces life and measures love on the bottom line!

Transformed with compassion, the merger of men and women will grow a new culture of energy, loving intentions for growth and profit …and, most important to me, a era of positive loving business behaviour!

Economy at risk – do women have the missing boardroom ingredient?

In Corporate Boardrooms across the world, it matters that all voices are heard, valued and accounted for in the major and minor conversations that build sustainable success. Many factors influence these conversations in today’s tough economic climate and it is now recognised that men and women together make a positive difference to results. Yet each player brings different, and uniquely valuable, natural traits into this mix. However most women are not heard unless they use masculine styles of behaviour.

As men and women converse in the Boardroom (and elsewhere), it is critical to understand gender dynamics not just between males and females and their biological make-up, but between different natural styles of men and women from masculine to feminine, generation to generation, culture to culture, set against the backdrop of social and economic necessity and key platform issues (good and bad) of our world today – issues such developing technology, fast pace of business, overload and pressure, social unrest, poverty and mis-justice, desire for reform, family and life agendas…. and so much more.

Today I see that too much confusion is forming about women and their role and this has been caused by social stereotypes of women and the historic rise of feminist challenges that were necessary to make women’s voices heard, and a lack of open conversations about our own place in society and the economy at risk. Women are movers and shakers – financially, as consumers, as more than half of the world’s population, yet we are seriously unheard.

Even after the years of feminism (and I am not a feminist myself) I don’t believe that women really want the emasculation of men. We want to be heard and listen to and taken seriously and to play our part – on our terms in a world that we truly co-create with men. I do see that women do not want to be dictated to by the ‘past’, that created by an old world view of business, money and power.

Women love men, but do men value women and really listen to our needs? Do we clearly articulate what we have to offer from a future perspective without being defined by what has been to date?

Today’s contemporary leading business woman is ready for action in a wholly different way. An entrepreneuial mindset, a philanthrophic heart set and a wide scope for integration and collaboration, she has been blocked in the past yet now desires to bring a balanced viewpoint into an economy at risk. She wants to be a contributor in her own right… and heard by both men and women.

For a desirable cohesive balanced mix, where women become equal contributors to the Boardroom conversation, it is vital that female leaders understand how to operate from an informed level in both their professional acumen for boardroom efficiency but also in their personal awareness of gender attributes and natural traits that serve them well yet often get hidden away.

The most effective woman in the boardroom knows who she is as a leader and a woman; she has the confidence to value her contribution and her personal business style as a woman. She will however be faced with a range of communication styles and relationship obstacles from different types of men and different types of women, each with their own personalities, motivators, experiences and perspectives that vary from her own. Learning the elements of a mixed gender group is key. The right conversation, underpinned by a new ‘gender dynamics’ perspective, will increase her effectiveness. With this expert knowledge, a female leader will be heard and can then influence the outcomes desired by all parties, male and female. Men will appreciate her viewpoint and readily add this to their advantage. She can then more easily leverage her natural skills in the Boardroom with regards to key issues such as decision-making, conflict, risk taking and team collaboration.

This new perspective looks at the behavioural and language elements of Gender Dynamics for both men and women in the Boardroom mix; recognising personal and professional style from six different perspectives; and underpins key changes in language patterns that ensure everyone is heard. This is not the same argument as the past… quotas and playing a male game. This is about truly new ground, getting into an ‘and/and’ discussion about what both parties need and not making assumptions that the world designed by men over the last 200 years is actually the way it needs to continue.

It is fascinating to watch the ensuing pressure on our politicians to make a deal – get sorted quickly because the economy is the pressing issue and the ‘£’ our only measure. This does not take account of the human issues and the fact that maybe a too quick decision will leave us trying to solve last months issues with last years resources. Have we not learned that last month is obsolete?.. let alone last year! There is a theory ‘U’ that says it is best to take time out to resolve tough challenges, time out to reflect and open hearted, open minded conversations bringing new ideas together to bring the best solutions. Men are geared to ‘solution finding’ as a primary biological driver… this is why we need a more feminine viewpoint to counter balance this tendency (whether in men and women, this feminine energy looks beyond the task to whether the solution brings benefits to all not just the economy) Women do not separate key issues as men do … and a female ‘logic’ is needed to drive this home!

Together men and women make the best team, in today’s world this is still undervalued by all parties. More than half the UK population is female and yet we are under represented in politics and business. Now maybe proportional representation is about the gender divide as opposed to party boundaries?

We didn’t see women prominent in this election – and the media have slated us for that… Why did that happen? That is a dialogue needed among women which is continuing now in every conversation I hear. However in the business Boardroom, women have more opportunity and can make the changes happen if the men are willing. And some wise CEO’s are willing. Will men and women take up the challenges and create a new blueprint rather than more of the past?

Who will be brave? Are you? Watch this space, magical conversations start this month…

Welcoming 2010 with Wisdom

Socrates says ‘Wisdom starts with wonder’ and what wonder do we see ahead. 2010 opens up in London with a blue sky and a bright outlook. For me this year brings new hope, potential opportunities for men and women, for business and social enterprise, for communities everywhere, a possibility for happiness and abundance. I have often been accused of a naive optimism and a child like wonder about human beings and their natural capability and courage to overcome all obstacles and find happiness!! I don’t intend to change! The new year for me holds a wonderful sense of world scope for change and maybe a touch of magic. For those who are willing to look with wisdom, insight and radical innovation – looking forward and not getting stuck on the past solutions, rules and restrictions, there are endless possibilities, economically, socially..even politically with a UK election on the agenda!

However the world is a tough place and many people have had a challenging 2009, and I believe we have to work together to make a difference. Now our choices and responsibilities move into a higher consciousness about life and work. It is time to strive with collective and personal intention to co-create a new way of being, a healthier way of working and a far more inclusive society that embraces positivity, abundance and collaboration.

I offer a few intentions that I and my team are commited to deliver to help create a balanced sustainable enjoyable wealthy healthy world – one that our children may enjoy and inherit!

Our intentions for 2010
1. To help build a sound economy where men and women of all ages, creeds, dispositions and personalities, and co-create a new way to sustainable measurable growth
2. To embrace social responsibility within the work culture of the UK and create work cultures that enable people to thrive personally and professionally rather than just survive
3. To reduce all stress and ‘bad behaviour’ at all levels of business, from boardroom to shop floor, that causes demotivation and unhappiness at work and so improve both employee satisfaction and customer service and loyalty in one move!

In order to ensure these intentions come into being, we have a few key values that need to be embedded; honour, respect, trust, encouragement, happiness, love and true collaboration; Let’s…

Honour all human beings, men and women equally, for their natural talents, and build a true meritocracy.
Respect men in current leadership positions as providers, operation and solution finders and show them how happiness and work together can generate results that count
Encourage women to grow and flourish in business as females using their full range of skills, their natural empathy, business flair and collaborative skills
Build business teams to embrace and trust both masculine and feminine attributes in the business mix, teams that value male and female needs, and ensure both integrate to deliver the best service and best profits.
Co-create business communities in the corporate global world and in the entrepreneurial world that collaborate, communicate and connect across sectors, to share resources, knowledge and best practice building magical conversations that deliver results for the long term care of our planet!

In 2010 I invite you to join our magical conversations that we are starting across the UK this year; conversations across boundaries, bringing corporate leaders, philanthropreneurs, researchers, academics, leading experts, wise mentors, ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’ of all diverse groups, to explore, reflect, review, align, innovate and embed a new language of loving practice that sets a higher consciousness about life at work.