Business, relationships, sex and snow!

A new era of conversations is required – it’s not about men versus women or the survival of the fittest but “survival for all, abundantly” working together to create magic.

It’s been a hugely transformational 2011 that has led us all to this year, and the bad stories have not gone away in 2012! Where are we going? The New Year of the Dragon sky tells a story of fire and fun maybe?

Major financial issues attack us on every news report, EU confusion and mayhem, top men tumble and top women get isolated from the marzipan layer of females who just haven’t risen to the top yet, social unrest rides high in youth communities, vulnerable women and children grow greater in numbers, as do prison inmates; education is under the critical spotlight, students rebel or just stop going to university, the NHS crumbles more, the Government is challenged at home and abroad; hacking, benefits scandals and unemployment figures rise. BUSINESS is sticky. We’re still having the “same old same old conversations” and nothing gets better. I have friends who just don’t watch the news at all!

Then SNOW came this last weekend brought a kind of strange release from such matters and a crisis once more brought people together, everyone helping sliding cars to stay on the road and people get home even after hours in freezing conditions. Today the snow has gone from my street and the world looks pretty much the same.

Why is it we see the magic of human kindness only in crisis?

With many like minded enlightened circles of friends and mentors, I see the requirement for people is to collaborate, to share resources and to realize there is a different blueprint required. Collaborative living and working, full of conversations about collective consciousness and practical application come to the fore for me. A wonderful balance of the material and the esoteric, task and relationship, operation and service. We need both men and women to be responsible co-parents if we are to survive and thrive as a society and a sustainable economy. These thoughts impact the way I see ‘business and life’ merging and coming together as there is no longer a defined separation in that relationship. This merger has come mainly through the influx and growth of women wanting careers, business recognizing markets are changing, consumers being more feminine and men recognizing business is about RELATIONSHIPS and service; entrepreneurism is growing at a rate of knots, and philanthropy and social responsibility are key to our overall fulfillment and meaning of life. Our old paradigm economic foundations are now shaking in the very concrete pillars of our once stable male world and many struggle with leaping into a new paradigm of the unknown.

Is this a battle or a game? Maybe SEX does get in the way?

It sounds like I’m full of doom and gloom, however I am very positive and incredibly excited about this year – the crisis of collapse will shake us all together at last? Men and women will maybe own their true authentic nature, SEX will play a part and we will all have to do things different whether we like it or not. We’re all humans, we have needs and that surely our passion for life itself is the main force of renewal and hope?

It’s now time to take on board a serious paradigm shift for 2012

It’s now time to get serious about new ways of working, living, connecting, sharing, and survival for all. The old ethos was ‘the survival of the fittest’ and in that paradigm we shall no doubt continue to experience battling between the sexes both on a business and political stage but also in the streets of our towns and in our own backyards. If we shift our thinking to ‘survival for all, abundantly’ we grow hope and prosperity of mind, body and soul. However we need trust in all we do and each other. We need to open up trusted conversations, let our egos go to the wall and enter a circle of human value as key to renewal. I do believe indeed we have all the resources we need right here, right now and, with care, men and women can co-create a much healthier wiser world that will emerge through coming together in magical conversations.

I do believe the way we unpack the conundrum about women rising further in business, and maintaining their natural female attributes to co-create with men at the top…. is to get the men talking! I am convinced that women will never make the top in greater numbers unless men have a mind-shift change that allows them ownership of a new blueprint to do business in ways that will suit women.

Do read our latest research on MEN it shows that men really do want things to be different but don’t know how to hold the conversation. Call us now to learn more or go for our programmes for men.

MEN ONLY PROGRAMME for men who want to learn to be more aware of how they manage everyone – this would embrace gender aspects, communication barriers, relationship mastery, dialogue and professional presence among a range of topics, allowing men an opportunity to own the conversation in a closed male group, guided by our experts.

Happiness needs a SMILE

Take notice; ‘Action for Happiness’ is having their launch event on Tuesday April 12th, sign up and come along, I’ll be there smiling! At last we’re taking happiness seriously – it isn’t wealth that makes us happier, it is something that comes from within us and through many simple actions and collective mindsets.

Since I was 17 years old I have been writing about smiling and the wonderful benefits it gives us all.

It started in an old exercise book, where I wrote my diaries from a young age. I was naïve; gauche; happy go lucky; a chatterbox, yet shy when it came to ‘going out’ with boys. I sat one night in my bedroom reviewing my teenage looks with despair… yet admiring my SMILE. When I smiled “I felt good – and it seemed to have a good effect on others!”

Simple, effective, logical, I set my stall to be happy. I reflected at the time “I don’t know why some adults don’t smile, as it makes life difficult when they don’t!”

Was I too simple in my early philosophy ? I don’t think so.

My core values in life are harmony (born out of my early smiling), abundance (I learned this as I grew up middle of four, in an essentially happy well-motivated family) and independence (being 3rd/middle child, I learned that to be a bit of a rebel early on and was always encouraged to stand up and be counted)… and the attitude of smiling grew with me into my adult years.

It made it easy to connect with people, even when I felt shy and had to meet with strangers. It helped me to broaden my views now later in life as I work to build healthy happy teams, groups at work, whole communities in the work place and in society.

With the public face of happiness now well researched across the world, the Positive Psychology school of thought and action, and the talk of the BIG SOCIETY, we have more opportunity to embrace smiling in our life. However, I feel many people are too challenged by increasing austerity. How is simple is it to turn our attitudes around?

Let me give you a simple proven example of how smiling works…

I was running a team away-day for a large HR group in major public sector a few years back. We had worked with the individuals in different ways, with profiles, group work, practical and specific assignments, growing their confidence about themselves and each other – and this was their last big day all together.

A review, a learning day, a fun day, a bonding day – and a surprise exercise surprised us all!!!

1. At lunch we spilt then into teams of 4 and sent them out into the daily chaos around Waterloo Bridge/ Southbank, London area.
2. Their task – to take photos of themselves with strangers and those photos to be happy ones!! (Some people looked a wee anxious.)
3. The assignment was that they had to be in the photo as well.
4. So they had to engage with and request in a way that attracted strangers to take part. Only 30 minutes to get this achieved – so no hanging about.
Stunning results returned. All were surprised how much people reacted positively, how much fun they had, how much smiling and laughter emerged. Energy in the team had raised several hundred fold, all felt so proud of their work and shared with ease… and the exercise was remembered for years to come.

How simple is that!

All ages can smile, all different types of people, styles of people, diverse minds and different bodies, can all smiles…. And indeed we can smile in every language. It has to be genuine, a smile that emanates from within and from a place of truth, pure heart and unconditional love; an authentic, totally honest smile!

What do you do to take happiness to heart, do you smile naturally every day and make a difference to someone else’s day?

Communicating across every media!

Rather than going over past facts, such as why there aren’t enough women in the boardroom, and why markets are troubled by the recessional impacts of the last year, I believe we need to enter a phase of reflection and sensing, communication and conversations, without limitations.

Wise leaders question the world today in many different ways. These leaders come from younger generations as well as mature CEOs – at either end of the age spectrum – and they view the troubled world around us in new ways. These leaders know they need to engage and communicate in new ways with all those around them from their top teams through to their customers. All parties in the business chain add value and if we get the conversation right we can open up many new possibilities together.

This got me thinking about my recent conversations I have had this year with amazing leaders and change makers across different market sectors about how we might ‘reform’ our economy might require now. Does change need to be dramatic, rules bound and regardless of people? – or can it be reflective, sensitive and opportunistic, engaging people right across the business spectrum in energetic and exploring converstions? We need forward looking conversations rather than those of the past; driven by authentic desire to take account of every human diversity and business need. We need to regard people, men and women alike, as they are the fuel of the new economy!

I reckon we need a great stirring of wisdom into the mix!

When we mix wisdom into every conversation, and focus on higher world values, a good touch of conscious awareness and a renewed sense of human energy, I believe we will find new solutions that touch our core community needs.

Don’t let’s get stuck on old rules and restrictions. I wholeheartedly believe we can transcend all issues and focus everyone on a common agenda that can save the planet as well as our businesses. I suggest maybe by listening to the younger generations, men and women, we can find just the right ingredients that create magic!

Creating magical conversation involves a few ground rules; we need a safe yet inspiring space where everyone can share their truth, be listened to, contribute and create collaboratively. I sense we need to build community work cultures with an energetic nurturing atmosphere and inspiring environment, self and group awareness of all personalities involved, a clear intention set at an emotional level, and an openness for men to co-create a new world with women at senior levels as well as across all areas of business and life.

“Charles Darwin understood: “it is not the strongest that survive – but those most responsive to change.”

I aim to host many different types of magical conversations in 2010 that inspire everyone to really look at the serious factors of business, wellbeing and life coming together. I recognise we need to understand technology within these conversation styles as there are now so many ways to connect face to face!

In this new digital age, with social media and with amazing new technology such as Video Conferencing, Webinars and Tele Presence, I see the way forward is to bring back to the true human interface and personal skills we need to communicate through all medias. We need a personal context across business that understands human emotions and seeks to build truly healthy relationships and communities of trust. Whether at the end of the email, screen or teleconference, social and business communication needs the human touch of conversations.

Little things count in conversations. Great eye to eye contact never dates as far as I can see!! Great human inter-connections grow faster over the airwaves with love, for the heart knows where the authentic truth lies! The more we communicate well, with heartfelt care – whatever the media – the faster we can co-create a world that takes response ability for people, profit and the planet at the same time!

In 2010, I intend to create many magical conversations with people who are wise and forward thinking, I invite you personally to take part in these conversations with me!