Pauline is an innovative thinker, inspiring audiences to create a new blueprint for business.

Pauline’s background spans Behavioural Psychology, Image Consultancy, Corporate Culture Transformation and Reputation & Personal Branding.  She has brought her expertise to Gender Dynamics to provide a a new map for culture transformation programmes at Corporate Heart, her consultancy practice, providing men and women with a top quality professional resource. She loves to lead on ‘Boardroom Dynamics – Gender at the Top’ with her top corporate clients.

Graduating as a Sociology & Statistics BA, Pauline has had a career in Tourism Marketing; Creative Design Projects; Presidency of the Federation of Image Consultants; High Impact Communication Workshops and a wide range of Personal & Professional Transformational Programmes with her consultancy, Corporate Heart, since 1990. She has worked with individuals and teams across the UK and Europe within major clients covering all business sectors.

Her passion has evolved through transforming her own life from being an un-ambitious housewife to a confident entrepreneur, with a national reputation in the field of personal and professional development for men and women alike.

Pauline specialises in confidence building, relationship management and team engagement, and has created a special study of how physicality affects personality and relationships. A conference speaker of 20 years experience, Pauline’s key interests are in headline topics such as women, wellness and wealth. Her goal is to enable men and women to leverage their inner potential and achieve highly effective, passionate lives!

She host Magical Conversations to create a new emergence of human sustainability in the workplace.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Lora Starling Says:

    Fabulous to meet and just love what you are doing! Right up my street of thought and love that you are articulating this so well. We need to reach this out. And love the pic!

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