To risk or not to risk – is LOVE a leap of faith that can change our world?

You can spend a whole lifetime wishing upon wish that true love, abundant wealth and good fortune comes your way. If you never step out and take a risk, life might just slide you by. I awoke early today with a feeling so scared in my stomach that it made me sit bolt upright in my bed. What was I scared about? What was tugging at my insides? I have taken risks in life many times. I have transformed by own life and those around me in a series of courageous ways, again and again. I have just met and am passionately in love with my true love with whom I plan to marry and work with for the rest of my life. My future is full of joy and laughter. Yet I recognise my ‘scared’ state came from feeling small in a world troubled by current headlines; economic crisis, Eurozone debts, unhappy, poverty struck communities in the heart of our country, wars waged both on the fields of Afghanistan and in our own streets, in gangs, protestors, and an increasingly disgruntled grumpy public.

Can I make a difference?

My personal position felt threatened when I sense the fear that mounts across the world. In my own experiences, I have many times released myself harmoniously from past toxic relationships (not easy), let go of my worldly possessions (seriously takes courage), looked at the world with inspired new eyes (why not?), have mentored and motivated friends and client alike (because I care) and reaped the joy of success in a variety of abundant ways (and with gratitude). I have been rewarded with joyful testimony to my work from clients and friends alike. However life has not always been so.

In my time, I have been told I was naive, unrealistic, impatient, a ‘silly woman’… my desire always has been for happiness for mankind, to guide and teach men and women to realise there is only one thing in their way, their disbelief in them own goodness and beauty. How many women feel ‘put down’ ?

I believe that together, men and women can co-create a world that I will be proud for my grandkids to inherit. I have sought always to walk in my path of integrity and to trust that people are primarily good well-wishing human beings. I was once told that I was trying too hard to make everyone happy. Maybe so. Maybe I didn’t need to ‘try’. The world is very ‘trying’ at this time. I see now that I needed to risk, to love, to do what I do best and to walk my talk in all aspects of my life. I believe in the possibility that current economic troubles and social chaos can be transformed through love, through people collaborating, through each of us taking a risk on love; pure unconditional love for our fellow companions in life and throughout humankind.

Love arrives when you least expect it

In May this year, after many months of learning about myself and the man I had met by chance in Budapest last November, I discovered true love. He lived 5000 miles away from my home City of London. It could have slipped away in a pile of business cards collected and never followed up. It didn’t. I now know a new way to love unconditionally and the experience changed my future in a heart-beat. Could that happen to my whole world? Why not? He and I walked into the same conference, neither wanting to be there, both at odds with life as it was, yet we found a magical conversation of sharing without condition that slowly opened up a channel to our fragile hearts. Opening up to love is a risk and the only risk worth taking on every level. Sharing, communicating, supporting each other over months led us to a truth neither of us dreamed possible before that time. And both mature, over 60, love could have seemed a step too far.

If we want change to occur, we need to be the change ourselves

Sensing that I could not expect the troubled world to change if I didn’t, I risked my own heart to fly half way round the world and find out if it was true love, the kind of love that surmounts all fear. It is and we’ve discovered at last a truth that is so simple the whole world can hear. Love is all we need. He and I are now committed to service to our world, to work to spread the possibility that each of us has a natural desire for a safer, happier, more inclusive world. I am no longer alone on my path.

The world resists love and blocks the way

And as I stand in that newly found truth, the truth that being deeply unconditionally loved really is the only way to live, I wonder why the world strives constantly to block love. And that blockage is crippling our business life as well as our domestic & social life, the two being intimately entwined. Where ever people are, wherever people meet and connect, respond and react, love can flourish. There seems to be little notice of this powerful asset in business. Business will risk all in search of profit, yet risks human life everyday by putting men and women alike under pressures that can make them ill. FEAR can flourish just like love. Men fear women, women fear men, men fear each other and many women have, I believe, left love at home with their children because they think work has to be unemotional. LOVE, in its purest unconditional nature, in friendship, comradeship, familiar or intimate, local or global, is the only energy that will transform everything. We can own this freely. Love drives customer loyalty. Love creates great relationships. Love can create wealth. Yet LOVE is not featured on a balance sheet. FEAR is its only rival. We own that too.

Fear runs the world

So why does the world seem run by fear – and love heard often only in rhetoric? It feels like we have allowed our power to be controlled by the past, and the components of FEAR, leap out of every newspaper headline. Fear of recession, of poverty and lack. Fear of separation, isolation, loneliness. Fear of phone hacking, libel cases, misdemeanours in high places. Fear created by rigid rules and legal restrictions designed to monitor and manage society yet which strangle us in many ways. Fear of our own shadows I think! Who can we trust with love anymore? Not the Bankers who ‘look after our money’, nor the Politicians who ‘manage our social care’ nor sometimes even our friends and family who ‘are our flesh and blood’ yet rape us daily of our common sense and drown us with moans. Stress and doubt creeps in every day and many are being tested to the hilt by every part of our lives. So often we read ‘sad bad news’ about double dip recession, Eurozone crisis, war torn lands, celebrity bitching, twitter rage… you name it, FEAR has a name.

The Beatle, Paul McCartney, famously wrote… “…AND IN THE END, THE LOVE YOU RECEIVE IS EQUAL TO THE LOVE YOU GIVE”

If you never step out and take a risk on love, never give love to others unsolicited, never communicate unfretted by judgements, never give love equal to that which you want in return, then life might just slide you by and none of those hopes and desires, true love, abundant wealth and good fortune, come your way. This is true for big business and governments too, as well as individual citizens. We all have responsibility for where we are right now.

What are we scared of?

Maybe the scariest prospect for all who trespass on the path of LOVE, is that they don’t actually need the Bankers, the Politicians or even our friends and family, to truly love themselves with humility and the honest love of creation. We are in charge of the choices we make. For all humanity, we merely need to choose to see everyone in their core beauty within. Love comes from within us all. The Dalai Lama shows us the capacity for one human being to smile at the world, to take a risk against all odds and say there is another way. And we need to take action personally and collectively right now.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” Dalai Lama

At a conference recently, a senior man, a quite caring gentleman, when challenged by me that ‘love was the only way even for business’, he agreed in principle yet said “business is just the way it is, we can’t change the way we are”. I don’t agree. I believe we can build a new template, a better blueprint for business…and life…and society… and for our world. I believe men and women have different perspectives, different needs, common goals and collective responsibility for a wholly new blueprint for business and society.

We need to stop the ‘same old same old’ conversations and step out into the unknown.

A scary prospect?

Why not? Together, bound by loving intention, might we get it right this time?

I say that “The future defined by the past is bound to fail. The future defined by our heart’s intention could be the answer, however we need to take a risk and step into the unknown”.

I have stepped into the unknown and found a truth that is so powerful it has changed my life in a heart-beat. Worth a risk? DEFINITELY YES. You’ll never know if you don’t step out onto that invisible path of love with trust in yourself as I did.

For me “the true aim of love is to achieve happiness and harmony for all – and that starts with me”
Is this an impossible dream in an unloving world? I believe it is necessary to keep aspiring to it as it is the only way to make improvements in our world society today.

People sometimes say that I am “one scary woman” to be around because I believe in this dream and say it’s easy – they say my dream is unrealistic. If we aren’t scared by what is happening in our world, we aren’t alive. Be SCARED. And ask WHY NOT BE SCARED?

I believe that men and women need to do this together, as my true love and I have discovered, in harmony, collaboratively and joyfully working in ways that achieve a deep and unconditional commitment to create a better, healthier, wealthier wise world.

LOVE is the only risk we need to take for a better brighter more abundant future.

Join me in more scary debates and magical conversations about how love can transform business, your life and your legacy.


4 Responses to “To risk or not to risk – is LOVE a leap of faith that can change our world?”

  1. Tami Smith Says:

    Ahhhh Thank You Pauline for Sharing that Love is Alive!!! I had to post this on FB and Twitter :)))

  2. Gina Lazenby Says:

    how magical and inspiring Pauline. THANK YOU. How wonderful of you to share your journey and open up about your beautiful discovery. Yes, I agree about the power of love … imagine if we found a way to make it our new currency?! Everything would change. Good luck wherever you are and I wish you the most fabulous life. How wonderful it is find a fellow soul with whom we can share our path of service in the world. Love to you Pauline and to your gorgeous new love 🙂 ….. Gina xxxx

  3. Shola Arewa Says:

    Good for you, Love is absolutely all there is and when that oxytocin kicks in, there is no saying what we will do. Enjoy and may you both be very happier and business be richer for your love.

  4. N Start Says:

    Thanks Pauline

    Very inspirational and thought provoking insights.

    Best NX
    p.s. I am joy filled at the news of your own personal experience of love built across the miles x

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