Let’s challenge the ‘same-old’ same old conversation

Did you wake today to the ‘same-old’ same old day, doing the ‘same-old’ same old things? Is your day focused on small viewpoints and safely within your comfort zone? Some days this is just what needs to happen. But day after day, this gets us NO-WHERE if we wish to transform our world.

NO-WHERE does not get us to NOW-HERE.

The time is NOW-here to play a bigger game, and step outside of the box of the ‘same-old’ same old conversations.

Such a day was yesterday, May 24th and I presented for the OASIS PROJECT in Brighton as a keynote “setting the scene” speaker to a varied audience, mainly women, all with a common focus; the members of the audience, from across the land, work with and to support, educate and enable women who live in the shadow-land of substance abuse, domestic violence, and addictive habits; their goal is to help these women discover and maintain a better life. They work with women caught in a downward spiral of dependency within their intimate relationships, their families and their social environment. I respect them all for their commitment to such a challenge.

Earlier that morning I had read my book of daily thoughts, written by Eileen Caddy, of Findhorn. She wrote;
“Move out of your puddle, and expand your consciousness, realizing there is no limitation. Many people see themselves no further than themselves or the group or community that they are living in”

I wanted to encourage my audience to see the bigger picture while still dealing with the nitty gritty of those ‘same-old’ same old issues with the many women and children in their care.

I impressed upon them the changing nature of women in the world over the last 60 years; and explored how collectively women are more than half the population of the world, make up 80%plus of consumers purchases, and probably more like 90% of consumer decisions; more women than men are coming out of university with degrees; women are now gathering more wealth into their own control than ever before (yet this is the hands of a few women and not the majority); women are gaining some ground in the boardrooms of PLC corporate life yet so slowly as to make little impact in social transformation; women in politics is rising but still low in world numbers; the gender pay gap is still evident, and even though much attention and care is given to the equal opportunities and the rise in the numbers of female entrepreneurs, women are and choose to be the administrators in business and major carers of the elderly, the children, the sick and disabled .

Even with all those facts standing true, I believe we can create a more balanced world for all, where value is not merely money or possessions, but is measured by society valuing loving harmony in relationships as common practice; where intimacy is respected with gentleness and passion; where business acumen and personal wellbeing are equally sacrosanct and we value social integrity so that all people honor each other what ever their role, and respect the natural essence we bring to the party. In a world of loving collaboration and contribution, everyone would be who they are born to be, live a life they love, and co-create generations of self motivated, talented human beings who pull together to ensure everyone is healthy. We need to set a strong intention on the bigger picture, while holding the reigns too. A challenge. Yet the stories are there. I heard many stories of great achievements only yesterday. My urgency is to take these stories out to the wider world in a way that encourages the chaos to turn into gold, for a new conversation that goes to the heart of the matter in all walks of life.

We’re often seen as females fighting amongst ourselves, working and living on a male playing field, and trying to plaster the cracks and play their game; when actually there is safe and fertile ground if only we searched and conversed together. Yesterday I recognized so clearly that the real conversation for me is about a new society blueprint as well as a new business/economic blueprint, and indeed each is integral to each other.

Sisters – we must come together!

Women collectively are so profoundly the key to transformation of our world – in conversation, collaboration and empowerment – with each other – and with men of course. Do we do that? No, we do not get together as women unconditionally. We allow injustice to stay alive and we don’t share the stories of our abused sisters in order to stop the mayhem. There is chaos in our world and it is time, now-here, to heal the addiction of abuse.

I encouraged the audience to consider the big picture, the whole world and their part in it; especially women honoring all women and seeking the creation of a new blueprint for life that embraces everything from the boardroom to the bedroom, the blessed to the abused. We are all women and the mothers of future generations. We are not even close to talking together as a collective world culture of women – yet! However we all share our female nature – our hormonal cycles, our menstruation, our childbearing gift and our nurturing nature. Whether we have babies or not, we are all sisters, and the thread of life-giving love links us together.

I stand up to be counted too as a sister to my sisters across the world...

I realized yesterday how little I knew about women disenfranchised and abused in this country, let alone the world. I dream of a world where all abuse can be dissolved; where there are no bad relationships, no abuse, no violence and consequently no substance abuse. In a world of loving harmony, collaborative cohesion and perfect self expression, compassion, and respect – there would be no place for abuse.

We need to step outside of our ‘puddle’ and take on the rain! Are you willing to join me in a new conversation?

2 Responses to “Let’s challenge the ‘same-old’ same old conversation”

  1. Dawn Hillier Says:

    This is a thoughtful and thought provoking paper. In the discussion around the Big Society – there is virtually no discussion about the role of women. When looking to developing countries – much f the focus is on how women are crucial in making a difference to how their worlds work effectively but in the UK – where is that argument? Pauline makes absolute sense in sayiung that women must come together and start talking and creating as a collective- recognising and supporting those many women who are disenfranchised in our communities.

    • paulinecrawford Says:

      Thanks, I feel so strongly that we women can make a difference, in our own lives and those of others, get better soon, I need you on the platform with me! x

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