Being a mature woman

On the eve of my birthday, it’s always a great time to pause and reflect on the state of play.

I am so assured of my contract with life in this moment, to be my best and at every age; to continue to release the old worn out baggage of constraints and limitations; to spread a different perspective of abundance and collaborative living and working so we don’t get stuck in those ‘same old’ same old conversations about men and women, boardrooms, business, politics, social change and equality… blah, blah, blah.

Now it’s time to get REAL, my dearest female friends and many wise men – we need to get very serious about transformation of our whole world, our way of being joyful together whether it’s in the boardroom of PLC UK or in the entrepreneurs back garden or the local schools where our new generations of boys and girls are rising stars into a world we created.

Top tips to being alive at work and play :

• Be yourself and honour your own gender characteristics and be mindful of how women speak of other women and how men honour the nature of women at work as talented and meriting top positions because they fulfil the role best

• Value men and women who are not like you as a complement to your natural type, and see life from other’s perspectives especially when you believe you’re right and yet it’s painful! (the painful feeling is a big clue!!)

• Recognize the ‘masculine’ mind is logic and the ‘feminine’ mind is intuition, and that both men and women have both in some way – honour that which is most natural to you and acknowledge what is not natural to you. Your biology informs your behaviour, and your upbringing may temper it – don’t have a temper with it!

• Seek to know what the best outcome is for all involved – being a victim or an aggressive serves no one and damages your own chances of success

And my darling female friends…

• Remember men and women are different and ‘she’ is always more like you than ‘him’ when it comes to hormones and handbags
• And consider men buy cars (toys) because they don’t have handbags!

and to those of us, MEN and WOMEN who have reached a full age maturity… as I have …

• Wherever you are, boardroom or supermarket, mature woman may be having a hot flush (power serge), so be kind and compassionate to strange behaviour!

Have a fabulous week and enjoy life – it’s whatever you choose right now…


One Response to “Being a mature woman”

  1. reonleonardo03 Says:

    A well written article. I have new idea about the same topics in my blog. Thanks a lot.One can never know for sure what a deserted area looks like.

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