Giving young people a little helping hand..

For those who read about my trip to Lambeth Academy to teach 16/17 year old students the nature of their being personable as they enter a work placement; here’s the follow up review from the teacher present…and it is very rewarding to know that I may have sparkled a little magic dust on these young people for their step into the adult world ahead.

I received this today:

“I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic “Respect, Rapport and Relationships” workshop you ran for our students.

For our 6th-Form Students (who are about to enter their work placements) they had not really considered how they planned to make positive impression, and they ways in which they can build effective relationships.

The way you got students to think about these issues was fantastic, and seeing the students engaged in the session, and the ideas, was testament to you. These ‘soft-skills,’ such as communication, first-impressions and creating rapport, are things that are not prioritised within school (especially with exams coming up), but I think they know understand their value!

It was amazing to see students engrossed in really effective training such as this, and it has had a really positive impact on them. I don’t think they ever realised how effective a good handshake is, and how important eye-contact can be!!

Students seem to have more confidence in terms of making an impression, and have a deeper understanding of the way in which they want to be perceived, and how to achieve it.

It was a great session, and I would love to take up your offer of a follow-up in the future.”

Dan Blakemore, Director of Learning for WRL, Lambeth Academy

It’s time to do more of this with our students from a young age and watch them grow into outstandingly lovely adults… it just takes time and attention, what do you think?


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