Dreams into Reality Part 3 of 3

Today is the 30th blog of the Ultimate Blog Challenge I started on April 1st. It’s been amazing to complete this challenge as I have learned so much about myself, about what I am capable of writing about, and become so much clearer about what I am here to achieve.

I review my last 29 blogs and the journey I have come on over that time; my blogs tell of my story – my passion to simplify my life, to strip out what isn’t working for me and attract into my life what I need to turn my ‘dreams into reality’… while writing my views on day to day occurrences and honouring the insights that have allowed me to grow. Thank you Tom Evans for encouraging me to do this challenge.

Now, I acknowledge 3 keys for my quest to turn my dream into reality………

1. I have learned that I do have courage to go for what I want – to raise the bar on the conversation in the boardroom, to interview top people and to shine a light on a different possibility for business today – and keep going. However I need to keep nurturing and strengthening myself, my inner core, investing time, energy, money and good practice in my own being.

2. I know now that I want to put my head above the parapet and challenge the blueprint of business and life, to encourage women to be a great catalyst for transformation together; and to enable men to design a new language of emotional economics to run their corporations with the best women at their side. However I need to consistently honour everyone, even those who hurt me, I spread compassion in truth in every occurrence, every situation and to all human beings I meet.

3. I feel excited, feel intentional, feel expanded – and I believe many stories have to be told, the “good news” ideas must be aired and I am prepared to bring a new space and atmosphere for women and men to tell their stories for the public to be inspired; via media, via video interviews, and many magical conversations. However I can only achieve this with help from all, my friends, my family support, my colleague’s commitment and my many business connections from the last 20 years, I will ask!

What do you need to turn your dreams into reality?

Start with a dream, visualize it, create the intentions into a storyboard, release that which drains you and holds you back, talk to people with ignited passion and always be yourself, don’t pretend and do step up to the next level and say YES I CAN!

“Our children’s future will be powered by the energy of our current dreams turned into reality, infinite possibilities built on love.” Pauline Crawford.

Do read ‘Dreams into Reality’ Parts 1 & 2

Thank you Ultimate Blog!!


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