The unconditional love of a prince for his princess

Once upon a time…

As Will and Kate vowed eternal love for each other, I watched the TV entranced. The ceremony was serene, joyous, simplicity in flow; their obvious attention to the energy of the abbey, to each other, to their family and friends was apparent; their choices of the songs and words, the trees and flowers was noticeably intentional and well tuned. Kate shone as a beautiful woman does when in love; composed, gracefully, entirely appropriate and absolutely beautiful; Will beam his love on her so brightly, grounded, assured, calm, and tuned into her every movement. We were invited into their most intimate glances.

It feels like a day of hope for our future, this young couple so open in sharing their joy, embracing possibilities as role models on so many levels. Words created by the now newly appointed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, inspire me and give me hope that these two young people will send a sign to other young people about love and commitment, duty and honour, respect and love – in a world where sadly, this is not often seen.

These words, read out in their sermon, covered this sentiment:
“Thank you for our families, the love we share and the joy of marriage.
What is real and important is to be generous with our time, love and energy.
Let us comfort those who suffer.”

The couple themselves set the tone for the whole event…and indeed their life ahead. Even within the precision of the event, they still made it their own and very personal.

How can we learn from today’s wedding?

For me it was not just about marriage or about royalty – those things, in their place, are important of course – however what I took from today is the sheer example of unabashed unconditional honest love these two have for each other and their fresh approach, seemingly merging the traditional past and the modern future.

They seem to understand and value their social responsibility alongside their passion to create a more compassionate, giving back world. If he is allowed, I feel William will make a great King one day and Catherine, as in the fairy stories, is the magical Queen to suit all our childhood dreams – and yet both stand with their feet firmly and grounded in 21st century reality. A great mix, one we can learn much from!

I am also in awe of the fact that 2 billion people around the world tuned in – how amazing is that! We can come together for a period of time in a state of love.

My hope is that ‘Will and Kate’, over time, can play a key role in the transformation of this world that I dream of. We have inherited a new face in Catherine Duchess of Cambridge… she is her very own woman, a wonderful role model for women all over the world, a commoner who captured her prince… is it possible to have a story hopefully with a happy ever after possibility? They have a the potential to help transform our world as they spread their love and openness.

Our world is in such turmoil, so much is occurring that is terrifying, this couple represent for me a sign of commitment to love not fear, of family values not the broken inner city communities we strive to transform; they show us a commitment to service for people of all nations and in all situations; they bring new energy to their role as royal ambassadors – and I for one welcome them!


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