The only rule of the game – say YES

I have just been to an NLP network group in my local area, an evening of adventure and out-of-your comfort zone with creative acting exercises – and I was delighted with the only guideline for the evening “the answer is always YES”!

So it is true of life, we are asked to step up, to say yes, to be a contributor whatever the silliness of the request is; however tough the path may look; and whatever obstacles we thing we can’t get over. Nothing is impossible when you say YES…

Now naysayers just wait a sec before you head off into the dust of ridiculous disbelief – there are some distinctions:

When you say YES and you cannot do it, physically – ask for muscles to come and help you (pick those on a wonderful body and its a bonus!!)

When you say YES and you ‘think’ you cannot do it, mentally – phone a friend, ask questions, lend an ear, listen and hear, know that you don’t need to know everything in order to say YES

When you say YES and you ‘feel’ you cannot do it, emotionally – know it’s OK to cry, to be angry, to be sad, to be confused as long as in each case you do so briefly (and not hurt anyone else) then pick yourself up, dust yourself down and know this is the easiest obstacle to surmount if you can love yourself and have compassion for all!

When you say YES – spiritually – you will always do it if your vision is pure and you sense infinite possibilities, intuitively walk in the divine shoes of trust, authenticity and truth.

Know that your spirit is merely housed in your body and it radiates from an inner core of peace and love. I have said YES to recognizing that my mind, body and heart are the worldly manifestation that needs looking after, nurturing, feeding, engaging, talking to…. The spirit is free of all that and is an essence we can liberate from our material existence.

Say YES to life. Step up and say YES – you’ll be amazed where if takes you!!!

Say YES.


One Response to “The only rule of the game – say YES”

  1. Jackie Walker Says:

    It’s really interesting, I was commenting on a post yesterday on FB about boundaries and saying NO!! I love it when the opposite then comes whirling into view and asking me to disseminate my thoughts and beliefs again!

    My take on it –

    Say yes if the only reason you would say no is because of limiting beliefs. Boundaries are still necessary, albeit that with the more we learn, experience and love, the wider they get, and the more we are able to merge. However we need strong boundary understanding in order not to get lost in our merging.

    Thanks Pauline 🙂

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