Dreams into Reality Part 1 of 3

Men and Women together

Time for active planning, setting out the scope of what is to be my possibility now that I have declared my dream:

“I pledge my dream to help co-create a world where men and women truly understand each other, recognize and respect our natural contributions to life and business and society, and value our different attributes; a world where we truly have a partnership style not born of the past but of the future potential to truly be equal in the co-creation of our world; truly listening, observing, trusting and collaborating with each other on a new blueprint for life.
I have a dream that we can create life where there are no abusive relationships, no tortured families, no bullied schoolchildren or harassed employees; no wars, no crime and no damaging behaviour; a world where women are honoured and men are loving, where women value their natural female beauty and nurturing energy alongside their strength and courage; and men value their natural lead yet know their potential to embrace emotions – both dancing together in a natural alignment and flow.”

As the new world I intend is not built on the past (although it may inherit wisdom from our history), I plan in a different manner. My first steps are to capture a plan to cement my dream in reality (and not in the usual business plan strategy). I share my commitments;

1) I have made my declaration and will create a vision board this week to capture this in picture form that sets my intentions and will encourage and attract the right people and situations into my every step.

2) I will mind-map the various aspects of my plan – to set my intentions into a written format that scopes out those things I know I want to do and believe are key; i.e. interviews with pioneers, writing my book to shine a light on how men and women can experience togetherness; collecting insights from wise women and men; creating circles of magical conversation in a variety of situations. e.g. corporate, schools, communities, networks etc., developing the potential of a collaborative living/educational working space; and lead me to the possibility of my Magical Conversations Chat Show, where I can show case all the brilliance I see women and men currently creating and achieving in projects across the world to a wider audience.

3) I will ask for help where I need it – recognize my strengths, acknowledge my mistakes, share my knowledge, ask advice from my mentors and seek affirmation that my plans are on track from those I value; work on my personal courage and honesty with all I live and work alongside.

Today is the first day of my deep recognition that in order to achieve the future I desire for this world and especially for my young grandchildren, and turn my dream into reality, I must start now to step up my courage and purpose, put my head above the parapet and ‘walk my talk’ as I transform all aspects of my life and those who need loving who currently are not experiencing joy as I am.

To all this I declare my personal commitment and gratitude!

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