Future unfolds, undiluted gold

Completion, expansion
Release, growth
Space, clearing
Nothingness, bliss
Room for more
Space to infinity
Parallel lives
Inspire visions….

Dreams of mountains
Views untold
Here, now….

Me, you, we
No ‘them’ only us
Happiness glows
Tears flow, why so?
The beginning-end of my tomorrows
Future unfolds….

My spirit calls me
I acknowledge
Time to leave the past behind
My old life for new
Perspectives afresh
Undiluted gold…

2 Responses to “Future unfolds, undiluted gold”

    • paulinecrawford Says:

      Thanks Mike, great to connect, I am transforming my life and want to bring magical conversations that totally shift people’s mind sets and actions both at the top of business and across society – I plan to video interview pioneering thought leaders starting with top women here in UK; put up on YOU Tube and create a place where insights can be posted on video, to set the scene for gathering people together to have a live magical conversation…

      I would like to host a live TV chat show that places these insights into the public domain… to shift and transform our world…on a serious abundant way!

      Just a small goal!!! SMILES Pauline

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