Courage to make mistakes

When did you last do something for the FIRST time? Do you resist the NEW out of FEAR? Do you lack COURAGE to break out of your steady norm of LIFE because you’re afraid of making MISTAKES?

Today I acknowledge the fear I have had about making silly “in the moment” mistakes and feeling like a fool. It’s happened in the past. I have said the wrong word in the wrong place; my mouth has sometimes worked independantly to my mind’s pace; I have tripped in my rush to get somewhere; I had fears about getting proposals wrong with clients; and in my personal life inadvertantly rejected romantic advances, unconsciously fearful of picking the wrong man!

From my Landmark Forum weekend, I have taken up the full courage of my own power. I now set into the new possibility that there no mistakes that aren’t opportunities to amend if they arise; to have fun with my errors as options to resolve; and finally to flow into a romantic relationship knowing he will love me “just the way I am”.

As Bridget Jones realised Mark Darcy did love her so, I too welcome a soulmate to journey with me!

What a fabulous release for me as continue on with my journey from “stuckness” to expansion. I encourage you to face your fears, name them and get to know as they are blessings in disguise. They keep us alive and alert to dangers and pitfalls to avoid. My ability to make mistakes now will fill my calendar with new ideas and solutions for growth.

Thank you to my fellow participants who gave me great feedback today.


2 Responses to “Courage to make mistakes”

  1. David Coles Says:

    Great post Pauline. We are here alive and we have the ability to continue to expand our reality and hence feel more, know more and possibly live in a place of truth not perception(fears home). So it is great to look at the silly little fears that control our experience of life and then learn how to expand beyond them – I find the key is to become aware of such things but not try to change them…awareness will do the job.

    • paulinecrawford Says:

      Thanks David….so good to know we are connecting energies across the world, am transforming my life personally and professionally as you will see throughout this 30 day blog challenge, started April 1st… what a roller caster ride , whizzzz, i love it!!!
      smiles Pauline

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