Authentic Integrity

Challenges today – what am I not authentic about? Where is my life not whole, not in integrity? What pieces are missing that are purely down to me?

I am on my journey of self discovery. It’s a life long journey and the destination is not important to me. The experiences and achievement of my vision is where I am focused.

My vision is simple yet complex – to be an influence on radical transformation of our society; in our workplaces, in education and in community life across the UK and the world. It starts here with me and everyone I touch. I want to step up to the platform, be in the lead carriage, shine a light on amazing people who are working tirelessly for good, for positive changes in practice and policy.

So where am I in this vision not stepping into my authentic place – is it to date because I doubt that I am worthy; surely I am too unknown to lead the conversations? NO, not so, today I pledge to step with integrity, with my whole essence, into my authentic place and make a difference. Everything else will flow.

Have you got something you’re not doing because you believe you’re not good enough? Do you play small because your inner voice ticks you off?

We are all born to be the stars we are meant to be; we’re genius in our best talent. If we don’t use our best, then we are in-authentic and truly wasting life!

Go for it (I tell myself).


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