Things happen – are you ready?

Are we so busy doing things that we don’t notice what’s really happening? Do we suddenly get a virus and get irritated that it’s stopped us completing on our ‘to do’ list? What if we were suddenly told we had a serious illness and needed to be operated on this week? Would we be ready to switch tracks, apply the brake and get off the train of ‘doing’ and focus on what is really important?

Our health is the most important responsibility we are given since early childhood. Our natural resilience physically, emotionally and mentally are all required, and a natural grounded sense of our immortality is an ongoing daily way of being, so that that any critical attacks on our system can be taken in our stride.

Are you ready? Am I?

I check in on how I am prepared as it seems there is much illness and crisis in so many people’s lives right now, both close to me and afar. There is a churning and groaning in the world as crisis presents itself every day in the news.

Are you ready? Any time, any day, a health or life crisis can happen. That’s not to be in fear of that but to be ready in an enlightened state of being. Stop ‘doing’ at a pace that can kill you, start ‘being’ in your day right now, right here. Let go of what is truly only material baggage and get into the ethereal. What is your essence, your true spirit, your being in the world? Balance the material needs with the essence of your day. Know why you are ‘doing’ so much, make it meaningful. The key to happiness and good health lies with the contentment you can achieve every day deep within your heart and mind. And we’re not alone. Sharing at this time is key to turning any ‘happening’ around.

Let me share a ‘happening’ – my darling girlfriend, Dawn, has a sudden discover, a cancerous growth – a lump, an operation this week. “I’m too busy for this” she reacts at first. Now taking stock, meditating, gathering love and support, healing energy around her, she gets ready for her happening. She is strong, wise, beautiful inside and out and I know that she will flow through this challenge. To support her, we are all gathering to be her circle of healing, sending our thoughts and energies to hold her as a whole and healthy being. This is not the ‘doing’ part – that is the consultant surgeon’s role; our collective intentions to heal are about ‘being with her’ and will aid the success of her recovery. You can help too, even if you don’t know her. This is the way I believe we can heal Dawn and heal our world.

Please send your healing thoughts as we grow a healing circle for Dawn this week. Be aware that your vibrational energy can ripple a long way. Just place her name on your daily thoughts, think of gold and send a golden ray of healing, that’s all we need you to do. Once we gather hundreds of golden rays, we will have a veritable waterfall circle of gold healing flowing around her and protecting and curing her.

If we apply the metaphor of Dawn’s story to our world, we have many ‘things happening’ that are shaking the foundations of our existence. If we see this related to our unhealthy world, we recognise that the major ‘happenings’ are all around us – recessional crisis, new and old wars continue to kill, earthquakes destroy huge areas, tsumani destruction, bitter civil rivalry in many countries, unhappy families, crime rising, marginalisation of women in many countries, and poverty around us even on the streets of London.

The world has been ‘doing’ for so long; it can’t work out how to ‘be’ within in order to transform the outer world we think is so important. Wealth is no good without health. Healthy is not possible without love; love is the only way to grow and heal. We must teach new ways to love each other, to be human ‘beings’, to heal each other with our kindness, respect and sharing. We simply need to know what we are best at, why we are here, and where and when to shine out light on others in order to spread good will.

I see the shifts in consciousness around the world happening so fast and getting faster. Being in tune with your inner essence is far more important than the material world; put together ‘being’ and ‘doing’ in that order and we can turn our world around for the better.

If something serious happens … are you ready?


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