New perspectives on “being stuck”

Ever looked into the mirror and wondered where the years have gone? Ever noticed that life has got a bit stuck… or maybe very stuck? Ever wanted to change your whole life without running away to another country? Ever felt you could be climbing the wrong ladder in your life and your business?

As last year came to a close, I knew I had to get rid of stuff…. stuff that made me stuck. Indeed there was a great deal of stuck-ness. Now interestingly – there was also a lot of fabulous things turning up in my life. Indeed I could even say that life was getting more and more full of new-ness. New friends, new experiences, new performances, new thoughts about where and how I wanted my life to unfold. However these where piling on top of my stuck-ness. I looked at what was stuck. It was so many physical materials things choking the place up; old proposals still lingering in my filing cabinets; too many clothes clogging my wardrobe; too many networking events filling my ‘to do’ follow up list;too many involvements in commitments I needed to honour where I was….

I decided it was time to shred not just my paperwork but my current existence. And on the knowing that when you let go, new stuff arrives. I wondered how far I could go – and how much could then come in!

Excited and rather scared – I started that intention – and so my story unfolds.

Often at such times of stuck-ness, even when a clear intention is set, if not verbally articulated or urgent, something needs to come along to ping you into action. A serious renovation project at my owned flat’s rather large estate challenged me in terms of living where I was. It was going to be a lot of investment for me and a huge amount of upheaval and did I want to do that – I recognised that my time there was up! The dice were thrown. I put my flat up for sale, eager buyers fell in love with my ‘home’ – I negotiated my deal and ten years of delightful and happy residency completed on March 18th 2011… exactly three months from my decision to sell.

And a wonderful ripple then effect occurred. I realised I didn’t have a destination in mind which I would want to buy so why buy? If not buying, where would I go? A new awareness came to me that this was time to ‘buy’ into a new way of living. My keenness to collaborate has always been strong in my life – happy large family upbringing, shared student life, flat-sharing pre marriage, kids and lively household over 19 years, even in the last ten years, many happy flatmates in my own flat – and, in my work, my passion and talent is to enable teams to work collaboratively, to see the beauty of each other’s personality, natural skills and irritations, and develop great relationships and magical conversations. My greatest joy – to be with others and enjoy good companionship.

So why not extend my professional passion for collaboratively working to collaborative living. My next intention started to formulate. I sold ever piece of furniture bar one dressing table, halved my wardrobe, got rid of all my kitchen goods, took loads to Charity shops, shredded 70% of my office, am selling my car (I’m going “Street Car” wise) and stripped out all ‘stuff’ – and moved out with a small van load and a happy free heart.

This is the most liberating expansion of my whole life. And the unstuck-ness has only just begun! I plan more. I am now at the beginning-end of the rest of my life and the portal is open, ready and full of my intentions.

I just find myself smiling all the time as I walk across my new bridge every day!

5 Responses to “New perspectives on “being stuck””

  1. Alun Says:

    Brilliant, Pauline! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! So fantastic to see and hear about your next steps… your energy feels so light and free… 🙂

    Blessings always
    Alun Illumine

  2. Nicky Kriel Says:

    Really looking forward to reading more of your blog posts as the Ultimate Blog Challenge progresses. Very exciting times.

  3. Heather Bestel Says:

    Hi Pauline,
    Lovely to meet you via the Ultimate Blog Challenge.
    I just loved reading about your adventure. Changing our lives can be scary and liberating all at the same time.
    In February 2006 me and my little family (hubby and daughter) down-shifted to the ‘middle of nowhere’ from a very busy city life. We let go of a lot of stuff and found simplicity and tranquillity. We love it. As you say, you have to let go to make space for the good stuff to come in.
    Looking forward to connecting with you more over the month.
    Love & best wishes
    Heather x

    • paulinecrawford Says:

      Heather, great to meet you and will follow you too… there are so many stories like ours, making life simpler – it’s so liberating. I also plan to develop ideas around collaborative ‘living and working’ spaces as I would like to set my future years to be such – sharing resources and natural skills – in order to give back to the community.
      So watch this space!!!
      Pauline x

    • paulinecrawford Says:

      Heather, How are you? hows it going with your blogs? I am just keeping up and just finishing todays! hope you enjoy this one as it is about ‘women on fire’ …. have a great Easter, and keep smiling
      Let’s keep in touch!
      smiles Pauline x

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