Live in this moment

Where is our life now?
It’s always just beginning,
as each moment is new
and the last one is finishing.
There’s always a choice,
a way to decide,
whether this moment is precious
or just one that dies.
‘Life’ is this moment,
and no more than a speck,
a flash of immortality,
a chance we select
to behave as best we can,
to make sure that we care
in a way that brings happiness
for the world which we share.
To live in this moment
holding memories of the past
gives richness to a future
that will last and last.

2 Responses to “Live in this moment”

  1. David Coles Says:

    And in the now there is no future hence we are no longer crippled by the apparent process of choice. Choice that seems to empower us is in fact not real. You will know when you awake as there is now just you and life engaging in the truth of your existence, and hence no need for choice. Now you have found true peace. Peace that can only be found through the expansion of our reality until we are in fact bigger than reality and hence no longer constrained by it. Your spirit is now free of concept. Concept now breathes life and your physical you is truly able to feel all of life as no more fear is controlling its existence.

  2. Richard Says:

    Lovely. And so “true”…whatever that is 😉
    Thank you Pauline

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