Creating space for a new type of ‘strong’ woman

I was drawn into a discussion last week on a new type of ‘politian’ and whether soft power can be the driver for change in our choatic world. I think that we can certainly engage ‘soft power’ and look at the influences that this creates for men and women to bring harmony to the world.

President Obama (and in deed his wife too) is said to have ‘soft power’ – yet he is after all one of the most powerful figures in the world, and he and his wife, Michelle, stand ahead of others in terms of their obvious respect and devotion for each other as a man and a woman while showing great strengths and open emotion care for the world around them. He is not afraid to use his soft power in his words and actions – because he knows himself well and acts from his inner truth, his inner game.

So what is ‘soft power’ and can we all have it? Do women hold the best hand on this? Is it the ‘feminine’ time now coming ‘out’ – are alpha males going to be banished from the boardroom and the political game? NO of course not, the inner game of soft power is inclusive or men and women and the time is now. Time for a change through understanding that the male heart is opening now and in need of guidance from women of substance, using compassionate, honest, authentic and unconditional love.

Can this happen in all areas of our world when we still see tough and angry men and women who still drive business in the boardroom, we fear the choas of downturn and redundancy, high unemployment and the stress of debts …WELL for me, there has never been such a good time as now to start being unconditional in our love for all men and women and actually understand the gift of the complementary nature of our genders!!!

We have all we need right now in our own natural gifts – we just need to adjust the viewer so we all see our gifts. Love is all we have and – freely given – by men and women alike, will tip the scales and bring a new order. Men are now wanting to open their hearts and be guided by women, in an intelligent gender scope, with bright ideas and a new perspective!

Yet some play hard ball with men and women….


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